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Get an incredible energy savings


Radiant baking with thermal fluid

Thermal fluid radiation ovens are based on a different baking system, due to operating features that distinguish them as being the most popular in most European countries with great baking tradition, such as Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, where they held a hegemony market position.

Hereafter we mention their main advantages:

• Great energy efficiency, which translates into lower consumption and higher thermal stability. The temperature remains stable and does not vary during operations such as opening the door to introduce new products into the oven. A great amount of heat to the product is get.
• Much more reliability due to its technical simplicity. The ovens practically do not incorporate moving elements inside, making therefore maintenance needs minimal and its useful life –with a minimum maintenance- is longer.
• Baking with radiant heat, such as the traditional ovens, allows for excellent product quality, getting better quality crust and bottom surface, reduced lost of moisture during baking, what results in better weight, better aroma and flavour and longer life of bread in good conditions, once baked.
• Better development and stability of dough. Baking with radiant heat, combined with its energy efficiency and its ability to transfer heat generated by the heater, provide to this type of ovens an strength to dough without comparison with other systems, making them optimal for baking both bread or pastry dough.
• This strength/push is constant, so that the oven does not need time to recover between batches due to its exclusive thermal inertia. Again, greater productivity and great energy saving are recognized when using this baking system.
• At the moment of installation, it is possible to regulate the bake of the roof and the floor, according to the baking preferences of each customer. This regulation may be modified during the life of the oven by qualified personnel to adapt to new needs.
• The thermal fluid system allows generate the steam out of the baking chamber. This provides greater wealth and quality of steam, a better distribution of it, avoiding cooling the baking chamber by excess of water.

Thanks to its exclusive and patented system, the GPG thermal fluid ovens allow constant working temperatures really difficult or even impossible to reach by other systems. They can reach 285°C in continuous operation without problems.
Even, on request, it is possible to provide units able to achieve higher temperatures necessary to bake some specialties.
Moreover, thanks to GPG exclusive system, thermal fluid of the STATIC, STATIC REFRAC and MULTIC range of ovens, is not pressurized, since it is not in a closed circuit, and does not need to be replaced or renewed throughout the life of the oven.
All these arguments make thermal fluid ovens ideal instruments for any bakery. Their strength and heat stability allow them to develop and exceptionally preserve all kinds of bakes: from hard dough as German specialties, pastries as hard as those elaborated in southern Spain, or so extremely soft and delicate dough as those produced in Galicia.

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