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Panificadora Marqués Filipe, innovación con tradición

Mecanizar y automatizar procesos, recetas tradicionales, ingredientes de fórmula para garantizar un pan artesano con gran personalidad.

Marques Filipe Bakery, located in Rexaldia, Portugal dedicates to manufacture and commercialise bread -baked bread, refrigerated dough products and part-baked frozen-. 

From its beginnings, its goal has been to produce the best traditional bread, offering quality products and providing excellent customer service. Marques Filipe Bakery started its activity in 1970 with 3 employees. Today employs 50 people.

Their esteem for the craft bakery, great effort and dedication at work, have allowed them to maintain a sustained growth throughout its trajectory. Innovation with tradition has been its formula.

"We elaborate our products with a craft essence, gathering antique recipes and using top quality ingredients to result in a differentiated bread with great personality and singular flavour", explains Mr. Filipe.

Among its selection we can taste grandmother's bread, wood bread, ciabatta, paozinho, buns, Amarelo corn bread, cereal bread, rye bread, rustic bread, bolinha, etc., specialties now baked on refractory stone STATIC REFRAC ovens.


"The continuous processes improvement, its mechanization and automation has allowed us to guarantee the quality and regularity of the baked product while keep the artisan and tradition essence that we have ensured since our origins", they explain.

Therefore, his choice has been two thermo oil with stone STATIC REFRAC ovens with automatic loader TRANSER.


"We obtain a baking similar to the old traditional rotary refractory ovens, with the added benefits of greater simplicity of use and greater productivity", they explain. 

"The combination of refractory stone and thermo oil provides a push to bread dough without comparison with other baking systems, crust is not dried but baked, absence of air during baking results in reduced weight lost…all in all, we are happy with the exceptional quality of bread achieved", says Mr. Marques Filipe.


The automatic TRANSFER loader has allowed them to optimize resources and efficiency. The total loading and unloading of the oven is carried out in a single manoeuvre of less than two minutes, without any physical effort.

"Before the STATIC REFRAC with automatic loader, we required four employees for the manual loading and unloading, floor to floor, of the annular tube ovens. These employees now are performing other tasks of greater added value in the workshop."

TRANSFER automatic loader

It is a huge satisfaction for GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET that a reference bakery such as Panificadora Marqués Filipe trust in the STATIC thermo oil baking ovens. Their experience, knowledge and passion for bakery have allowed them to combine craft bakery with automation, tradition and mechanization with excellent results. Congratulations to all of them

If you ever visit Portugal, do not miss the chance to taste any speciality of Marqués Filipe traditional pao. Let’s enjoy quality bread, let’s enjoy STATIC bread.


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