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Panadería Sincer, aroma a buen pan

“Hemos optimizado recursos, racionalizado procesos de trabajo en el obrador y potenciado nuestra producción”

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Sincer bakery, a bread factory since 2012, has become a reference in the bakery in Romania, true to its goal of elaborating high quality products.
In its central workshop in Slatina, process automation has been the solution to be able to assume the production increases that the bakery maintained, guaranteeing a high standard of product quality and regularity.
"Quality is the essence of our business, a necessary condition to keep customers satisfied and loyal", explains Mr. Borus, Managing Director of Sincer Bakery.
"Quality raw material, a rigorous manufacturing process, long-proving times, baking on refractory stone oven...our secret for a good bread!" says satisfied Mr. Boris.
They have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, highlighting the benefits of working with an automatic loading and unloading system. Only one operator controls the total loading and unloading of ovens in a very short time and without effort. "We have optimized resources, streamlined workshop processes and boosted our production". 
Sincer has a production around 5.000 kg/day flour or 2.300 Franzela/hr, which sells through its own distribution network and stores. They make a wide range of breads and specialties, some of them, such as Muffin and Tortas de Irina, will start exporting to new markets.
In Romania there are only three factories which have obtained the Seven Stars classification which distinguishes the quality of their products, one of them is Sincer. Congratulations team!

Sincer Bakery, the destination with pleasure!


  • 2 STATIC REFRAC SR-26 refractory stone thermal oil ovens, with MULTI door - door that includes individual gates for each deck, allowing you to work with the TRANSFER automatic loader without having to open the oven.
  • TRANSFER automatic loader.
  • TRANSFER OUT automatic unloader. 
  • ISOPAN retarder provers.

Product quality with the benefits of today's technology.


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