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GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET offers solutions for the baking, proving and freezing process for bakery and pastry dough, providing customers with top quality, innovative and friendly environment products and service, to ensure success in their business.


GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET wants to be the leader in the bakery sector, providing benefits to customers, shareholders and employees.


The corporate values that define our way of working and our principles are:
• Customer orientation and commitment.
• Effort to achieve results.
• Quality of product and service.
• Improvement and innovation.
• Communication open, objective and suitable.
• Sustainability and respect for the environment, including achieving energy efficiency.
• Integrity and responsibility in our actions.




No one wants to forget the almost legendary image of PRAT machinery, nor the quality of GOUET ovens, founding companies of GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET that after 70 years maintains the same passion for bread of its founders.

Passion that pushes us to revolutionize the solutions for the baker, true to tradition, to a well done job, and to provide good service to its customers, who look for and appreciate the best breads such as STATIC bread, a referent for its quality. This experience allows us to offer exclusive solutions to suit every need, whether for traditional bakery, industrial bakery, bake off bakery, supermarket bakery and industrial pastry.

The trust of many customers reinforces the motivation and enthusiasm of all employees who form GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET, to create new value-added products for the baker and to keep improving the service that our customers need, to offer quality bread, the bread that the consumer wants.

GPG Técnicas de Panificación, SL has been beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business network, and thanks to which it has developed a Digital Marketing Plan to promote its internationalization for 2018-2019 period. Therefore, it has had the support of XPANDE Digital Program, of the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce.
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