Artisan Bakery

If you prefer traditional baking quality similar to baking on stone oven, and the advantages of baking on a rack, we recommend the rack thermal oil STATIC oven, which will also bring greater productivity thanks to the thermal oil technology, completely regular baking and great production versatility. Available from 5m2 of baking surface.

If you feel more comfortable baking in a traditional deck oven, our proposal is the MULTIC refractory deck thermal oil oven, which allows baking in different formats.

To highlight two additional advantages that provide the range of thermal oil ovens: energy savings and possibilities of extended baking surface using a single heat source. Future flexibility, if your needs change, it allows the combination of STATIC or MULTIC ovens with a single boiler.

If you like an artisan and traditional baking on refractory stone, with the benefits of the thermal oil technology, your option will be the thermal oil with stone STATIC REFRAC oven, available from 8 m2 of baking surface, it is the ideal oven for baking all kinds of traditional breads, speciality breads or pastries. With the automatic TRANSFER loader, the loading and unloading operation of all decks is performed simultaneously, completely automatically and gently.

To emphasize the latest in thermal oil baking ovens, the STATIC PLUS, two or more STATIC or STATIC REFRAC ovens sharing one boiler with a PLUS of advantages in terms of quality, regularity, productivity, energy savings ...

If you want to get the maximum quality, uniformity and performance in a convection oven, the TERMIC rotary rack oven match your needs. It is a suitable oven for all types of bakery (direct or part bake) and pastry dough.

If you need a small bakery oven of 6-8 trays, with a professional design, our range of bake off PLUMA ovens will satisfy you. It allows baking a wide variety of products (in dough or part baked) with high baking quality.

If you are concerned about energy consumption and want to obtain significant energy savings, we recommend different solutions depending on your installation requirements, such as the use of biomass (pellets), the optimization by using a unique shared boiler, that is an STATIC PLUS installation, and installing heat regenerator.

If you want to rest in peace while high quality proving is done, we propose our ISOPAN retarder provers, that allow proving process control, with total regularly and reliably. If you care for a proving (heat and steam), the best option would be the ISOVAP proving chambers. Likewise, our technicians are able to climate any area required to perform these functions.

There is a long way for the traditional baker that focuses on quality, on the old traditional bakery, taking advantage of those innovations that allow performing its job easily and with greater life quality. GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET have multiple models, capacities and baking systems to provide exclusive solutions suitable to the needs and preferences of each skilled baker.


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