Industrial Bakery

Although traditionally industrial bakery been associated with tunnel oven baking, GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET has developed an alternative solution: the thermal oil with stone STATIC REFRAC oven, that many industrial bakers have already incorporated into their processes, enjoying the following advantages compared to traditional tunnel oven:
  • Lower investment in ovens.

  • Lower surface requirement per m2 of oven.

  • Greater production versatility allowing to bake different products at the same time.

  • Lower risk of total stop for failure.

A baking line of large production capacity which consists of a battery of thermal oil with stone STATIC REFRAC ovens, with automatic TRANSFER loader. The product quality and uniform baking achieved are unbeatable thanks to the great thermal stability and heat transmission conditions which are identical to those of traditional ovens. With the TRANSFER loader, the loading and unloading of all decks is automated, performed without effort, gently and in a few seconds, providing maximum efficiency and productivity of the whole unit.

If you prefer traditional baking quality and the advantages of baking on a rack, we recommend the rack thermal oil STATIC oven, which will also bring greater productivity thanks to the thermal oil technology, completely regular baking and great production versatility.

To emphasize the latest in thermal oil baking ovens the STATIC PLUS, two or more STATIC PLUS or STATIC REFRAC PLUS ovens sharing one boiler with a PLUS of advantages in terms of quality, regularity, productivity, energy savings...

If you want to bake with convection ovens although with reliability, uniformity and good performance , we have industrial installations that combine up to 20 TERMIC convection ovens that will satisfy your needs. These are bakery ovens ideal for intensive and part bake productions.

Additionally, for your selling points, if you care for small size ovens with high quality bake, our bake off PLUMA ovens are the ones. Its professional design allows baking a wide variety of products (in dough or part baked) with high quality bake. For 6 or 8 trays capacity.

If you are concerned about energy consumption and want to obtain significant energy savings, we recommend differentsolutions depending on your installation requirements, such as the use of biomass (pellets), the optimization by using a unique shared boiler in STATIC ovens, and installing heat regenerator. 

GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET has a wide range of solutions that apply to large production baking lines , equipped with the latest technology that allow making processes simple and automate. 70 years of experience implementing quality, high-performance, ease of use and efficient consumption in industrial baking. 


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