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PANITRANS bakery, baking sweet cornuletes

"Its uniformity, strength and care in the baking of such a delicate piece", what they most appreciate about the STATIC oven

To talk about PANITRANS bakery is to talk about Cornulete cu gem. These are Romanian sweets flavoured with vanilla or lemon peel essences and filled, in this case, with jam.

Cornuletes cu gem are undoubtedly a delicious specialty, but with some complexity in the baking process - one for its small size, and two to prevent the filling from drying out-.

These expert bakers entrusted the baking of their specialty in the STATIC rack thermo-oil oven, of which they value its exceptional uniformity, strength and care in baking a piece as delicate as the Cornulete cu gem.


  • 2 thermo oil STATIC-20 Bio baking ovens.
  • Given the small size and height of the piece to bake, the ovens were manufactured with 12 levels, that result in a baking capacity of 48 trays of 800x600 mm per oven. 23 m2 of baking surface per oven.
  • The two STATIC ovens work with one single BIO boiler, they use biomass as fuel, an ecological, efficient and economical alternative.

Thermo oil STATIC baking oven at Panitrans

Thermo oil STATIC baking oven at Panitrans bakery

Cornulete baked in a thermo oil STATIC rack baking oven

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