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Baking ovens MULTIC

Stone baking deck ovens


MULTIC refrcactory deck thermal fluid ovens. Program based on a standard set of modules which connected to a heat generator allow getting ovens from 2,5 to 30 m2 of baking surface.



  • Energy saving: in two-oven installations (main module + auxiliar module), the auxiliary module can be switched off depending on production needs.
  • The ideal solution for changes in demand due to seasonal periods, tourism, weekends, etc.
  • Reduced outlay: baking surface can be extended by installing an auxiliary baking module using the same heat source as the main module. The two modules can also operate at different temperaturas.
  • Versatile production: ideal for all types of dough for bread, cakes, pastries, specialities, etc.
  • Totally regular and even baking throughout ensured by termal fluid oven technology.



Based on STATIC series technology, the MULTIC range features:

  • Heating System: integrated heat generator and electronic panel in the oven.
  • Steam generator: by plates heated in a coil holding a flow of termal fluid. The steam system is independent for each chamber.
  • Control panel: easily accessible and simple to use electronic controls, with individual baking time and steam controls for each chamber.
  • Insulation and temperature stability excellent.
  • Heating: gas, fuel oil and electric.



  • Column loaders (automatic or semi-automatic).
  • Integrated loaders (semi-automatic or manual).
  • Multiple loader (4 decks).
  • Board support table.
  • Loading units.
  • Swithcing on / Swithcing off System.
  • Swithcing on / Swithcing off System + Doble temperature.



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