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Baking ovens STATIC

Rack thermo oil ovens


The GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET STATIC baking oven is an oven with a patented design that combines the advantages of baking on a rack to those of baking with radiant heat.

Baking with racks makes baker’s work much easier and allows great versatility in production.

STATIC can handle large and small pieces, tin loaves, pastries and cakes. Number of decks depends on whether you want to make normal pieces or large volumes (7, 8, 9 or 10 decks).

STATIC oven can also be used for baking roasts, meat products and vegetables.

The demand for a artisan and quality product is increasing. Consumers are looking for a quality product, with flavor, aroma and texture, like the STATIC bread, quality bread



  • Completely regular, uniform baking for the entire working life of the oven.
  • Better quality crust and bottom surface, considerably reducing the tendency of the bread to stale by conserving its moisture and aroma.
  • Reduced weight lost because of the absence of circulating air during baking.
  • Better development and stability of dough, with no reduction in volume after baking.
  • Great energy saving. New high performance horizontal heat generator of double coil.
  • Better productivity because the oven does not need time to recover between batches due to its exclusive thermal inertia.
  • Optimum balance between the space requirement and the baking surface.



  • Heating system: thermal fluid is heated inside the heat generator, or by electric elements, and circulates inside the radiators on each deck through a circuit that returns it to the heat generator. Completely regular baking is guaranteed thanks to the patented circulation system. Its great heat capacity enables that the oven temperature remains stable and does not vary during the operations such as opening the door to introduce new products into the oven.
  • Monobloc and compact oven: less space required and more location versatility.
  • Steam generation: steam is produced in a container situated in the top part of the oven heated by the same thermal fluid circuit and the quantity of steam is regulated automatically from the control panel. Its design allows the required quantity of saturated steam to be obtained and uniform steam distribution inside the baking chamber. This means the dough pieces are perfectly covered by the condensed steam at the start of the baking cycle.
  • Baking chamber made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Radiators: made of high strength steel. Its exclusive design allows 10 baking levels on the height where others baking systems place a maximum of only 8 levels. That results in a higher baking capacity.
  • Thermal fluid: it does not need to be filtered nor replaced, in normal use conditions.
  • Door with double-glazed and ventilated window.
  • Door locking system with double fixing points, with high resistance and ergonomically designed handle.
  • New interior lighting system, of simple maintenance.
  • Control panel: the user friendly standard electronic and programmable control panel (until 99 programmes), allows baking in two cycles at different temperatures.
  • Maintenance: minimal, as there are no moving parts inside.
  • Excellent insulation and temperature stability.
  • Heating gas, fuel, electricity and biomass.



  • Steam hood with extractor fan.
  • Turbulence.*
  • Automatic flap opening.
  • TFT electronic control panel.
  • Heat generator in other positions.
  • Pastry trays.
  • STATIC Silicon System.

* Only available for new ovens.



Rack Thermo Oil Baking Ovens STATIC

STATIC thermo oil rack baking oven

Rack Thermo Oil Baking Ovens STATIC

Rack Thermo Oil Baking Ovens STATIC

Rack Thermo Oil Baking Ovens STATIC

Rack Thermo Oil Baking Ovens STATIC

Thermo oil STATIC rack oven

Thermo oil STATIC rack ovens

Croissants baked in a thermo oil rack STATIC baking oven



Two or more STATIC ovens installation with the efficiency of a single shared boiler. A PLUS of advantages in terms of regularityproductivity and energy savings

+ info STATIC PLUS instalations



Traditional and quality bread is highly appreciated. Consumers are looking for quality products, with nice flavors, aromas and textures. Like the STATIC bread, quality bread. Shall we share it?

We invite you to send us your photos of STATIC bread, thanks!




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