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Baking ovens STATIC REFRAC

Stone baking thermo oil ovens

Static Refrac

STATIC REFRAC oven reproduces exactly the type of baking obtained in a traditional oven and offers the benefits of baking using thermal fluid.

The generation system for heat and steam in the STATIC REFRAC oven makes it ideal for all type of artisan bread, bakery or pastry specialities, offering to the finished product qualities such us:

  • Better quality crust and bottom surface, considerably reducing tendency of bread to stale, preserving moisture and aroma.
  • Reduced weight lost.
  • Better development and stability of dough.

STATIC REFRAC oven combines baking with radiant heat and conduction on a refractory base, and if you wish, allows baking with trays on a rack.

With the automatic TRANSFER loader, loading and unloading of all the decks is carried out simultaneously and completely automatically. This feature is designed to use the STATIC-REFRAC oven with refractory base to its optimum efficiency and productivity.



As well as the technical features of STATIC ovens, the STATIC REFRAC oven includes refractory plates, which are fitted directly above the radiators on each deck thereby allowing perfect traditional baking.

Together with the automatic TRANSFER loader, it offers a complete baking system with the following advantages:

  • Large baking surface on a refractory stone in very few m2 of bakery space. Easy to enlarge by the installation of further ovens.
  • Uniform, regular and high quality baking.
  • Depending on the product to be baked, there is the possibility of using 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 decks.
  • No need for specialised workforce. Simple use.
  • Loading and unloading is carried out very quickly, without effort and as gently as possible, which allows the baking process and thermal efficiency of the oven to be optimised, as it avoids heat loss. The efficient operation of the TRANSFER loader, which is capable of loading or unloading an entire oven in a few seconds, means considerable saving in personnel.



  • Steam hood with extractor.
  • Turbulence.*
  • Automatic flap opening.
  • Forced extraction.
  • TFT electronic control panel.
  • Heat generator in other positions.
  • MULTI door (patented).*

*Only available for new ovens.



Thermo oil stone baking STATIC REFRAC baking ovens

Thermo oil STATIC REFRAC stone baking oven

Thermo oil stone baking STATIC REFRAC bakery ovens

Automatic loading and unloading with the STATIC REFRAC loader

Stone baking thermo oil STATIC REFRAC bakery ovens

Quality bread, STATIC bread

Stone baking thermo oil STATIC REFRAC bakery ovens

Thermo oil stone baking STATIC REFRAC bakery oven with total automatic loader

Thermo oil  STATIC REFRAC stone baking oven

Thermo oil STATIC REFRAC baking oven

Thermo oil STATIC REFRAC baking oven

Thermo oil STATIC REFRAC baking oven

Thermo oil STATIC REFRAC stone baking ovens



Two or more STATIC ovens installation with the efficiency of a single shared boiler. A PLUS of advantages in terms of regularity, productivity and energy savings. 

+ info STATIC PLUS instalations



Traditional and quality bread is highly appreciated. Consumers are looking for quality products, with nice flavors, aromas and textures. Like the STATIC bread, quality bread. Shall we share it?




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