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Baking ovens TERMIC

Rack rotary convection ovens


Rotative rack ovens range, for up to 18 trays 1000x800 mm (TERMIC-100 model), 800x600 mm (TERMIC-80) or 700x500 mm (TERMIC-70 BASIC).

Its features include high performance due to the heat exchanger design, and one of the lowest fuel consumption in the market. Excellent baking quality, even and regular in all rack levels.

Oven quality, poduct quality. The TERMIC ovens ensure a great product, with the aroma, texture and flavour that requires any expert baker.



High performance due to the heat exchanger design.

Low consumption.

Regular and high quality baking achieving a crusty, well developed and long lasting product.

High production versatility.

Robustness: ideal for intensive and part baked productions.

Abundant steam production and quick recovery.

Large size window giving excellent visibility.

• Careful design reduces maintenance to a minimum.

• Its overhead-suspended rack system achieves easy access for loading and unloading racks, enabling simple cleaning and hygienic floor conditions.

Excellent insulation and stability.

• 3-year heat exchanger warranty, in usual working conditions.

• Gas, fuel and electrical heating.



Heat exchanger: the optimum design of the high performance heat exchanger, together with large contact surface and heat inertia, provides maximum efficiency. That results in one of the lowest energy consumption in the market, high recovery between bakings and accurate control of working temperatures.

Air circulation: the efficient airflow, designed to obtain homogeneous speed in the whole baking chamber, guarantees regular bakings in all rack levels.

Steaming: the new steam generator design ensures saturated steam required quantity and uniform distribution inside the baking chamber. It incorporates a high performance steam plate, suitable even for short bakes and part baked bread.

Baking chamber built in stainless steel.

Door with oversized window that allows an excellent visibility of the product to bake.

New interior lighting system, easy to maintain.

Door locking system with double locking points, with high resistance and ergonomically designed handle.

Control panel: user friendly standard electronic and programmable control panel (until 99 programmes), allows two different temperatures baking cycles within the same bake.



Hornos para panaderia de convección de carro rotativo TERMIC

Rack Baking ovens TERMIC

Rack baking oven TERMIC

Rack bakery oven TERMIC


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