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Loading / Unloading Cabinet

Cabinets & StationsCabinets & Stations

The cabinets or stations are the complements to work with installations of STATIC REFRAC baking ovens with automatic TRANSFER loader.


RACK FIXING STATION (recommended option)

Structure where the loading and unloading racks are held until full oven capacity is complete. These racks hold the boards on which the bread dough is set out.

The smaller size of the loading and unloading racks makes them easier to handle and enables their use throughout the manufacturing process, from placing through proving and up to oven loading and unloading.

Once the racks are placed in the fixing station, the loader picks up only the pieces of dough and places them directly onto the refractory stone in the oven.

Once the bread has been baked, the loader places it back on the racks, which are then removed from the fixing station to continue the process to product classifying or deep-freezing. In the latter case, boards can be replaced by aluminium trays for the loader to place the bread on.



Mobile cabinet with a capacity for one full oven baking.

It can be removed to facilitate cleaning and filling tasks with the pieces of dough laid on the same boards on which they have proved.

Once the loading / unloading cabinet is fixed in position, the loader picks up only the pieces of dough and places them directly onto the refractory stone.

After its bake, the loader can place the bread back on the boards in the loading/unloading cabinet and the latter can be removed.




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