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Baking ovens TRANSFER OUT

Automatic unloaders

Transfer Out

Unloading module equipped with moveable canvas on each deck, to enable master and efficient transfer of the baked bread that receives from the loader TRANSFER, towards the operator or towards a conveyor belt.



Unloads all decks by pressing a button and uses moveable covers to move the pieces closer to the operator for manual removal.



Unloads deck by deck by pressing a button and moves pieces closer to the operator for manual removal.

A hopper guide system is available for basket filling.

The operator can control the covers by pressing independent buttons and hence can select the deck to empty.



Automatic deck-by-deck unloading onto a conveyor belt, which carries the baked bread, received from the loader TRANSFER, and then unloads it onto the customer’s conveyor belt or transport system, that takes it to the freezing, packing or dispatch area.



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