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Baking ovens ISOPAN

Retarder Provers


Working with retarder proving is quality. Product quality improving aroma, taste, texture and appearance. Quality of life, providing flexibility and working comfort, avoiding night working time.

Furthermore, allows product availability for anytime baking.

Wide range of models and capacities depending on customer needs.

Main advantages:

  1. Comfort and flexible working: up to three days work planification, avoiding night working hours. Once the program is finished, bread is ready to be baked. Direct fermentation, long fermentation, dough blocking processes and their different combinations can be managed through ISOPAN chambers.
  2. Weather independence: provers fully isolated and acclimatized to assure temperature and moisture values optimal control. That way fermentation process does not depend on seasons or weather conditions, ensuring regular product quality.
  3. Better product quality: fermentation processes control is essential to enhance bread aroma and taste as well as duration once baked, directly related matters to quality.
  4. User friendly and flexibility.
  5. Cost effective:  night work savings and production rationality provide quick return on investment.
  6. Product availability: this process concept allows programming ready to bake dough availability for any time. So fresh baked bread can be available also at any time. Even while the process is underway parameters can be changed to be advanced or delayed.
  7. Dough usability: in case of baking delay due to any cause, dough is not wasted as the Retarder Prover can be settled in “sleep” mode.
  8. Versatility: thanks to their wide program capabilities these provers can be used to prove any kind of dough (hard, soft, rolls, viennoiserie, etc.).
  9. Any kind of oven can be used.

Technical details:

  • 85-mm thick panels, injected polyurethane made between an external lacqued steel sheet and an internal AISI 304 stainless steel plate.
  • Hermetic compressor.
  • User friendly control programmer.
  • Modular design that allows easily increase chamber capacity or to change configuration.
  • Stainless steel protection bars at doors, low and mid height placed to avoid accidental rack impacts. Internal stainless steel protection profiles.
  • Isolated non-skid ground, sanitary shape covering all internal angles.
  • Interior lighting.


  • Semi-hermetic compressor.
  • Soundproof compressor.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel external panel finish.
  • Multi-function control panel.
  • Data register.
  • Non-skid aluminium floor plate.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Double doors.
  • Optional observation door windows.

GPG GRUPO PRAT GOUET has their own cooling engineering department to develop special projects to design and construct cooling and freezing equipments under customer requested special specifications.



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